Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh, Mickey, You're So Fine

Songs of the Maniacs
by Mickey J. Corrigan

Songs of the Maniacs is the story of a storm on the beach. While the waves pound the shore, a woman counsels her clients, dealing the disorder du jour-- SIPD. It strips patients of their sense of self until nothing is left. And then, something else settles into the empty space.

I want to pause a moment and talk about that cover. Do you see that? That is a pretty fantastic cover. It reminds me of old radio shows and 60s horror movies. Which is awesome, but I'm not sure it really fits the feel of the story, which is, in my opinion, very modern.

The only other issue I have has nothing to do with the book itself, but the pitch. When I was given my copy to review, one of the descriptors attached to the book was "erotic". That's fine, but I'm not sure it's really true. Yes, there are attractive people, talk about sex, and actual sex, but I didn't feel like it was, you know, erotic sex. It was plot sex. Storyline sex. Sex that happened because that's where the tale needed to go. And, oh, rapey sex. You should probably know about that if that kind of thing is a deal breaker.

Corrigan's prose is light and clever. Easy to read, even when she's writing about some pretty terrible things. I got through it all in one go, didn't want to put it down. From the first chapter on, it feels like the story is crashing towards a terrible end. It isn't the storm you need to fear, but the calm after.

I swear, this book is nearly perfect. It's one of those mindfucks that leaves you worried and shaken when you get to the end. It's not a story you can just read and walk away from.

I don't like to give too many spoilers. Unfortunately, in this case, that means keeping this review pretty short. All I can say is that this is book is good. Not horror, but tense. Not erotic, but kinda hot. Just... just go read it. You could have been on page three by now.

*Received a free review copy


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    1. I really did. There was so much more I wanted to say about it, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it without spoiling some really amazing twists.

  2. Thanks for all you did say--and for not giving anything away!