Friday, February 13, 2015

Dragons, and Unicorns, and Zombies, Oh My!

So, there's this book coming out and it kinda looks like it's got a little something for everyone.

The Heart of Decompose
Genre:Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance

Dragons, unicorns, fairies, zombies… and Santa.
At the center of it all stands Dee, a man immortalized in legend as Decompose. An ongoing war between unicorns and dragons has led to the creation of a plague… a deadly infection Dee is the host for. Not quite human, but not a unicorn either, Dee and the plague form a symbiotic relationship, resulting in immortality of the undead kind.
Every ruling Empire has desired control of Decompose. Controlling the infection means control of the people. An intervention of an old rival, Santa, results in Dee going missing. When he resurfaces decades later, Dee has one goal: locate the mythical cure to his plague.
However, complications of the heart force Dee to decide whether he truly wants to find the cure and give up being Decompose.

Nina is also giving away two signed copies (US entries only), so if you're feeling lucky, maybe check it out.

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