pardon the Mess

If you're here, it's probably because you read something I wrote and wanted to know more. At least, I hope that's why you're here. I write under the names Adrean Messmer and JC Quinn. It took me a while to find a name that felt okay.

Third person pronouns feel like a minefield, so I'm going with less traditional first.

I live in Oklahoma with my partner, kid, and menagerie of four legged things. My earliest memory is watching The Amityville Horror with my mom. I grew up afraid of everything and mom always taught me to share.

Back in 2012, my friends and I realized that we all like to write. So, we started meeting up weekly to share our stories and give each other critiques. That group has now branched into an indie publishing house and a non-profit called Nevermore Edits. We still meet weekly, now at the bookstore some of us own.

I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety, am #actuallyautistic, and enby ace. Hey, look, that's my coming out sentence. ^._.^


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